«What's on?»

Being a frequent guest in movie theaters, my taste of movies is almost as distinct as my taste of music.
In my opinion, Quentin Tarantino is genius ("Pulp Fiction", "From Dusk Till Dawn"). I also like "Seven" and "The Usual Suspects", featuring a brilliant Kevin Spacey. Speaking of Kevin Spacey, "American Beauty" also belongs to my top favorite movies. Some of my favorite actors are Ed Harris, Mel Gibson, Samuel L. Jackson ("Negotiator" is also excellent) and last but not least Sandra Bullock. I could continue the list of my favorite movies quite far but I think you already get the idea.
What I really can't stand are movies of the "Independence Day" or "Twister" type. Here I'm offended by the fact that they are extremely exaggerated and unreal, although the audience is intended to believe it could really happen like that.