My approach to the net.

In fact it all started with table tennis, which I've been playing since I was 9 years old. Both with the junior team and in single tournaments I was quite successful on a regional basis. I joined the men's team when I was 17.

Since I'm 14 years old I've been playing tennis in a club. At first I used to play table tennis during the winter and tennis during the summer, but soon I realized that by doing that I couldn't improve my tennis technique good enough. My increasing height made it more and more difficult to maintain the necessary quickness in table tennis. On the other hand, increasing height was good for my tennis. Additionally I liked the fact about tennis that one could play outside in the summer, whereas table tennis could only be played indoors. So in the mid-90s I decided to concentrate on tennis only.

Maybe driven by my material fanatism in table tennis I started to experiment with the material in tennis also. Buying a stringing machine made it possible to test a lot of different strings. But the string market was so huge and diffuse that I had the idea of creating a forum on the internet where tennis players could exchange their experiences with different tennis strings. I included my own experiences, added stringing tips, and was born. The site (especially the German version) has continuously been improved, so today it has become a place frequently visited by stringers.