Life Sciences

To know.

In my opinion everybody should have asked themselves at least one question: How do I function? Why am I alive? What is life? Life sciences are trying to find the answers to these questions.

I have always been vitally wondering about how life emerged and what exactly goes on in our brains. Although my major subject at high school, biology, could answer my questions only on a basic level, my biology teacher managed to fill me with such an enthusiasm about life science that I decided to study biology.

During my studies I clearly focused on molecular biology, as I have always been most interested in the medical aspect of life science. For example, viruses are a fascinating field to deal with - basically lifeless parasites that can only "live" in their host cells, equipped with a sometimes terrifyingly high ability to bring up new forms.

Another interesting part of life sciences which is mostly underrated at college is the molecular evolution. How did life arise? A very delicate topic where unfortunately science and religion meet. I've got a book about this topic I can recommend:
Christian de Duve: Vital Dust - Life as a Cosmic Imperative.
In this book, the Nobel laureate in medicine describes in an impressive manner how life could have emerged on earth. In my opinion a must read for everybody - unfortunately not too easy to understand without a certain biochemical background.